Arnie Swoboda


Arnie has a degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from the University of WI – Eau Claire. He began his career in the Peace Corps, teaching English to middle and high schoolers in Romania. He has been teaching in the Chippewa Valley since 2007 and has loved every minute of it!


Kerry Swoboda


Kerry has a background in Social Work and Child Development and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of WI – Madison. As well as co-owning Milestones Early Educational Community with her husband, Arnie, she also works as a Social Worker in Eau Claire.


Jamie Saxton


Jamie has completed Early Childhood Education classes at Chippewa Valley Technical College. She loves working with the children at Milestones because of their continued eagerness to learn new things every day.


Jackie Prudlow

Lead Teacher

Jackie has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Her favorite thing about working with the children at Milestones is watching the excitement and amazement of their faces as they discover something new.


Samantha Quinn

Lead Teacher

Samantha has an Associates Degree in Child Care Services from CVTC. She loves helping children grow and develop as they come into their own personality, and helping mold the young minds to achieve their full potential.


Jana Telle

Lead Teacher

Jana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Her favorite part about working with children is the joy and excitement that the children share as they grow and learn new things.


Jennifer Wilson

Lead Teacher

Jennifer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of WI – Stout. Her favorite thing about working with children is watching them learn and grow.


Sarah Woodford

Lead Infant Teacher

Sarah has an Associate’s Degree in Child Care and Development from WITC – New Richmond. She loves working with children and watching them grow, learn, and explore new things everyday.


Karen Kuehl

Cook/Assistant Teacher

Karen has completed Early Childhood classes and continuing education credits. She loves having the opportunity to work with all ages of children at Milestones Early Education Community, and she enjoys helping them learn new things!


Sabrinna Bowe

4K Assistant

Sabrinna has her associates degree in Early Childhood Education from CVTC. She loves being able to watch the children grow and achieve new milestones as they develop.


Kelli Schindler

Lead Teacher

Kelli has an associates degree in Early childhood education from CVTC and a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies from UW-stout. Her favorite thing about working with children is getting to watch them learn and grow each and every day.


Katie Govin

Assistant Teacher

Katie spent her first 2 years of college at UW-Stout in the Special Education program and is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation with a concentration in Disability Sciences to become an Occupational Therapist. The most enjoyable part of working with children is their loving hugs, infectious smiles, and watching them grow into their own unique personalities!


Mark Field

Assistant Teacher

Mark has completed courses from both Hamline university as well as UW Stout. His favorite part of working with children seeing their growth and helping them achieve their goals.


Raelynn Konobeck

Lead Teacher

Raelynn is currently taking credits in Early Childhood Education. She loves watching children grow and learn and experience new things.


Rachel Nelson Barrett

Lead Teacher

Miss Rachel has a 4 year degree in social work with a psychology minor from UWEC. She has been working in early childhood for 13 years and loves watching the children learn new things during their interactions throughout the day.


Avery Eilenfeldt

Assistant Teacher

Avery is currently attending UW Stout and taking early childhood classes. She loves working with children, hearing their stories, and watching how excited they can get about the things they love.


Kali Saxton

Assistant Teacher


Leigha Prudlow

Assistant Teacher


Allora Windsor

Assistant Teacher


Sarah Peterson



Elizabeth Comeau

Assistant Teacher

Elizabeth enjoys helping children grow and learn and loves to see their enjoyment when they discover new things. She loves how each day is a new adventure when working with children.


Izabel Revier

Assistant Teacher

Izabel is working towards her Bachelor degree in family and consumer science at UW Stout. She enjoys working with children because they are always excited to learn new things and they carry a joy and curiosity with them wherever they go.