At Milestones Early Educational Community, we view each child as imaginative, independent, and eager to learn. Our goal is to inspire children to explore, question, and captain their learning journey, in a supportive and Christian environment. As a nationally accredited, five-star child care center located in Menomonie, WI, Milestones partners with the children to adapt the Reggio Emilia-inspired learning approach for our preschool curriculum.

age-group-3-webThe Reggio Emilia preschool curriculum at Milestones Early Educational Community is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community in a supportive and enriching environment. This self-guided curriculum is built upon the interests of the children through exploration and discovery with the assumption that a child forms their own personality during early stages of development. We respect the parents as the child’s first teacher, and that’s why parent involvement is always invited and encouraged at Milestones.

Infant Room

Milestone: Exploration

In the Infant Room at Milestones, we encourage the exploration of new things, and we focus on the development of a sense of trust. From basic communication skills to play time, infants are always encouraged to delve into the mysteries of everyday life.

1-Year-Old Room

Milestone: Routine

Children develop a more synchronized schedule in the 1-Year-Old Room, as they begin to eat and rest at the same time each day. Developing a routine in daily activities provides children with a greater sense of trust.

2-Year-Old Room

Milestone: Self-Help Skills

In the 2-Year-Old Room at Milestones, self-help skills are a primary focus. From getting dressed and washing their hands, to cleaning up their play or work area, their daily routine becomes more habitual.

3-Year-Old Room

Milestone: Fine-Motor Skills

In the 3-Year-Old Room at Milestones Early Educational Community fine motor skills are the primary focus. Your child will learn how to hold a crayon the correct way, play “dress-up” in dramatic play areas, and other self-directed activities that build social skills.

4-Year-Old Room

Milestone: Pre-Literacy Skills

The 4-Year-Old Room at Milestones focuses on social interactions, routines, and responsibilities. Through self-directed learning, the teachers build on the specifics of pre-literacy skills, such as handwriting, grips, lines, curves, and an eventually letters.

School Age Room

Milestone: Independent Study Habits

From Kindergarten onwards, the after school programs at Milestones serve as an independent resource for your school-age child to excel in their studies, as well as furthering their developing social skills.

Summer Program

Milestone: Daily 5 Literacy Skills

With a different topic each week, the Summer Program at Milestones follows the self-driven Reggio Emilia approach. We want our campers to focus on their interests and strengthen their skills, which is why we incorporate the Daily 5 Literacy Skills.