3-Year-Old Room

Silly Squirrels

Preschool is a time for language development and social skill development. In the 3-Year-Old Room at Milestones Early Educational Community, fine motor skills are one focus. From learning how to hold a crayon the correct way, to cutting with scissors, to playing “dress-up” in dramatic play areas, children will enjoy these self-directed preschool activities, while learning the importance of making friends and other social skills.

Preschool Activities

age-group-webPre-literacy skills are also developed during these crucial, younger learning years. Children will learn what an author is, what in an illustrator is, how to predict what will happen in stories, and the technique of reading a book from left to right, among others. They will begin to learn about letters and the sounds they make as well as work on identifying the letters in their name. Basic math skills are introduced at age 3, by exposing them to patterns and sorting, as well as counting. Self-directed preschool activities range from imaginative play and dress up, to an early exposure to technology.

Milestones Early Educational Community offers full days in the 3-Year-Old Room and a “3K” program for three hours a day. It’s no secret that children will learn language and social skills throughout both sessions. With their unending curiosity for the world around them, they will expand their interests through the adaptation of the Reggio Emilia approach. Ultimately, they will further their motor skills and develop cognitively, imaginatively, and artistically.

We believe that thorough communication plays a large role for the parents, just as it does for the child. That’s why Milestones emphasizes the importance of communicating with the child’s parents on a regular basis. Each month, Milestones sends home a newsletter with the family to share what we are currently doing in each classroom, what we touched on last month, and what is to come in the near future. The monthly newsletter also lists any special days or scheduled events coming up so you’ll never miss an occasion, along with giving parents reminders about important things that are happening at Milestones. We also deeply value the importance of the conversations we have with parents at drop off and pick up times and believe this is what makes us the most reliable and trustworthy childcare center in the area.