Summer Program

The Summer School Program at Milestones Early Educational Community is driven by the idea that children’s interests change quickly and regularly. Students should have the option to delve into whatever interests them–for that single week or for each week that sparks their interest. Milestones provides a summer full of fun and unique weekly camps. You may send your child for one week of fun, or for all 12! But the Summer School Program isn’t always all fun and games, as the staff at Milestones also incorporates the advancement of their schoolwork.

Milestones incorporates the “Daily 5” into every student’s daily summer routine. Under the direction of the Daily 5, children have the option to select from five reading and writing choices to work towards their independent and personalized literacy goals, such as: Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Word Work. The Daily 5 is guaranteed to benefit your child by not only increasing their overall independence, but it will also strongly develop their accountability.

The Summer Camp schedule has been set, and we are looking forward to a fantastic summer with our campers! Following the self-driven Reggio Emilia approach, we want our campers to focus on their interests and continue to strengthen their skills, without it feeling like summer school. Children have the option to choose only a few camps that they would like to attend, or they may attend them all! The following is a schedule of this summer school’s camps and descriptions:

Camp Kickoff: Learning about us (June 5-16)

Our first week is all about us! We discover our new camp setting, create classroom rules together, and set milestones that we would like to reach. Most of our time will be spent getting to know each other through interactive games and projects which will bring out the special talents that each individual holds and making everyone excited for the weeks to come.

Mind, Body & Spirit (June 19 - June 30)
This camp is all about ways to improve our health. We will explore different ways to relax and stay healthy. We will be getting our bodies moving through movement and learning all about nutrition.
Lights, Camera, Action! (July 3-14)
Quiet on the set! This camp is all about motion pictures and plays. We will be putting together a play of our own as we learn all about the different parts to plays and movies. The children will be able to use their imaginations and acting skills to entertain us all.
Chef’s in the Kitchen (July 17 - July 28)

During this camp we hope to spark a love of cooking for all children!  We will do many different cooking activities and learn about all the math & science that goes into cooking. We will work on reading and understanding recipes.  Give the children opportunities to work together to accomplish new things!

Exploring Wisconsin (July 31 - August 11)
A true celebration of our great state will take place right at our camp. We will be learning about the different wild life, nature and culture of Wisconsin. We will examine the beautiful lakes, rivers and forests that we call home. We will also be celebrating Independence Day during this camp!
Community Helpers (August 14 - 25)
“All the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary” Gerard Way. Such an important topic to bring home to children for a lot of reasons such as safety, thoughtfulness, and understanding how our community helper’s positively impact our daily lives. From police officers & firefighters, to the postal & sanitation workers, and other community helpers, we will look at different careers that make a difference in our community. There might even be special appearances by these community heroes!
Reviewing Milestones and Favorites (August 28 - 31)
Our camp sadly comes to a close as we go over what made this summer fun and exciting as well as all that we achieved! Camp favorites make a return and heaps of artwork are loaded out of camp and into homes. A memorable summer comes to a close but don’t worry next summer will come quick!