portfolioWhen a child starts their journey here at Milestones, we begin creating a portfolio of their toddler development. The teachers use a developmental checklist to track each milestone the child reaches as they grow, starting from an infant all the way up until the time they enter Kindergarten. The checklist tracks the five areas of child development: physical, social and emotional, thinking, communication and language, and approaches to learning. The teachers use the information gained from the checklists to create lesson plans that are focused on the skills the children in their rooms are currently working towards, which will result in a better learning and playing environment for the children and their toddler development needs.

In addition, the teachers also use this information when meeting with the parents for the two scheduled parent-teacher conferences we have each year. Along with the checklists, the teachers also collect work and art samples that demonstrate the skills being mastered by the children. The teachers watch the children and record anecdotal observations of their progress in each of the five areas of learning.

By using all of these methods, the portfolios help paint a nice and concise picture of where your child is developmentally, what their strengths are, and where they can focus on growing next.

We’re here to help your child reach milestones.